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Designed yard of a private house, 6 photos

The design of the yard of a private house, 6 photos We hope that with the help of a small collection of six photos you will be able to come up with your own design the yard of a private house, not like the others. In these photos you will see examples of interesting flooring, beautiful flower beds and plants, the courtyard arrangement options in a private home. In the first photo you probably ran into the eye area with swings. Interesting design of the site lies in a combination of paving sidewalk tile of size 30 by 30 cm and backfill with decorative white gravel. Tiles laid in a checkerboard pattern on a rectangular platform. And the space between the tiles filled up with snow-white gravel. On a path paved with red brick floor. Here we see how beautifully framed along the base station at home. This is a small flower beds, planted no flowers, and green herbaceous plants, creating a lush carpet, bounded along the contour of a narrow strip of gravel backfill. Effect stam trees (which you see in the picture) can be achieved using wooden poles, which are fixed planters with flowering basket plant. A beautiful little corner of the courtyard of a private house will be the way for even a very small area. Red brick can do the curb and make a loop inside a raised bed of green plants, sculptures and vases. A beautiful combination of tile flooring will. Grit and red brick. With the brick can be achieved inclines – you can make a small platform, elevated to the level of tracks in your yard. In conjunction with lush green plants give your yard a certain charm. If your yard is large, you can do as owners of the yard in the photo. Sow the main part of the yard lawn grass (resistant to trampling), and another part of the tile paving tiles. In the center of the courtyard arrange a patio with table and benches. A plant along the contour of the plants and shrubs with lush potted plants listvoy. Vysokie create a tiered effect in additional landscaping your yard.